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Cooking Controller

Model No. 5200C Description:
The model 5200C is Artisans latest cooking controller designed for food service equipment OEMs. It incorporates the latest packaging technology developed for maximum service life in the field. The 5200C has been specifically designed for rotisserie and convection oven cooking, This unique design provides dual relay outputs, one for the primary heating control, and the second which can be used for a circulation fan in convection ovens or the rotisserie motor control for rotisserie ovens. The temperature control input can be a 100 Ohm platinum RTD (385 DIN curve) or J, K, T, or E thermocouples, and the measurement accuracy is ±5°F. The control hysteresis is adjustable from 3-20°F and is not user accessible. This controller provides unique features not normally available in cost-effective controllers on the market today: Simplified Time and Temperature Adjustment - Instead of the typical scrolling of times and temperatures using the up and down keys, this controller highlights the appropriate digit on the LED display and allows the user to move the highlight left or right and adjust the value with minimal keystrokes. Performance History - Normally found on more expensive controllers, this design stores its operational history in non-volatile memory and can report the information back to service personnel on the LED display. It stores up to 125 of the following critical items - temperature probe failure, system configuration change, full factory resets, input calibration, and excessive or insufficient heating. Temperature Input Calibration - A simple two step calibration can be performed in the field with either an RTD calibrator or precision 100 and 200 Ohm resistors to maintain proper accuracy of the controller, no potentiometers to adjust and re-seal in the field. T/C calibration requires a calibrator but the process is still a simple two step one. Center point calibration is available for field adjustment without full calibration.
Type Function Industries
Food Service

Operating Mode Cooking Controller.
Operating Voltage 115V AC or 230VAC, ±20%, 50/60 Hz
Temperature Input 100 Ohm platinum RTD (385 DIN curve), or type J, K, T, or E, thermocouples.
Measurement Accuracy Better than ±5°F (without probe error).
Temperature Calibration Factory calibrated for probe type, temperature can be offset at any temperature.
Cycle Timing Accuracy Better than ±0.5%
Timing Cycle Indicators Three LEDs (P, C, and H) indicate the controller state in either cook or fry modes.
Relay Output Rating Dual Normally Open relay contacts rated for: 12A @ 125VAC, 15A @ 277VAC 85k cycles, 10A @ 277VAC 100k cycles; ½Hp @ 125VAC, ¼Hp @ 125VAC 30k cycles, 1Hp @ 277VAC, ¼Hp @ 277VAC 30k cycles; TV-8 @ 120VAC. Connector is rated for 10A so maximum current is 10A in all cases.
Mounting 2.63" square opening, 0.093" maximum corner radius. Single bracket and nut mounting into user's front panel for ease of installation and service. Sealing gaskets available. Backmounting version without overlay and with flat front face available.
Operating Temperature 0°C to 70°C.
Construction Thermoplastic housing with polyester overlay, high strength adhesive, and protected overlay edges for maximum service life in food service environments.
Keypad Tactile switches rated for 200,000 cycles minimum, @ 20 cycles/day >20 year mechanical and electrical service life on overlay and switches.

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