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Timer Operating Modes

This page explains the different timer operating modes with links to a listing of the various timers Artisan manufactures for each different timing mode. You can also download the PDF file below which explains each timing mode with timing diagrams and provides a comparison between solid state and relay contact outputs.

Application Diagrams

Various applications for our timer products.

Programming Manuals

Technical Documents

  • Auto Door Closer Detailed description of how to use Artisans 438 series timers to automatically close doors and gates controlled by electrical door opening systems.
  • Zero Voltage Switching A technical description of the difference between zero voltage switching and random voltage switching on solid state AC timer outputs and their recommended applications.
  • Switching Inductive Loads A technical description of the cause and recommended suppression techniques for transients and noise generated from switching inductive loads
  • Std Timing Curves Time versus resistance charts for standard timing dash numbers.
  • Product Life Cycling Data on long term cycling tests performed on Artisan products.
  • PID and Auto Tuning An explanation of what PID control is and how to use the Auto Tune feature in the 5400
  • CTTG vs Cap Touch A white paper on the advantages of Artisans Capacitive Touch Through Glass technology

Online Technical Support

If the information above does not provide the answers you are looking for, or you are having problems with one of our products in your application, download the PDF file below. Fill the out the form (you can save this form) and email it to Please provide a detailed description and attach any documents you feel are necessary. We will respond to your Technical Support Request within 24-48 hours.

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Sales Brochures

Brochures for our major product lines